Throughout the Code First Community course here at the University of Sheffield, everyone involved has been sharing their experiences through the #shefcodefirst on social media. We have created a web-based app that displays all of these tweets to reflect on the great time we've had here at Sheffield!

Proudly brought to you by CF:G Ambassadors Sophia Kessler & Pauline P. Narvas (team pythonistas)

The #shefcodefirst experience:

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Our 8-weeks of coding adventures couldn't have been achieved without our talented instructors:

Tejay White, Dave Chaston, Chris Bingham, Tania Allard, Darren Vong

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... we wouldn't have been constantly left inspired without our amazing speakers who all taught us how important it is to diversify STEM:

Matt from HackSheffield, Anna from Appt, Tanja from Leeds Beckett University, Kisha from Bright Toys
And of course, everyone who applied and partcipated. Y'all rock for proving that coding isn't just a boys' club!

More #shefcodefirst: